Live Whole Health #120: Acupressure puts low back pain relief in your fingertips

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April 28, 2022
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If you’re ready to get back into the garden and get your hands dirty, but your back is saying “NO!” then this acupressure for low back pain relief might be for you. The extra lifting, bending and pulling of gardening may increase low back pain after a winter of less activity. Don’t let back pain stop you from doing the things you enjoy. A simple acupressure routine can help!

Self-care for low back pain is at your fingertips

Having self-care strategies for back pain gives you a sense of control and can get you back in the garden. Acupressure is a self-care approach that can help relieve back pain or other concerns. Acupressure routines are portable and easy to learn. Once you learn this low back pain acupressure routine you can use it anytime, even in the garden.

Acupressure is thousands of years old and is considered safe to be done with your usual medical care for low back pain. These acupressure points are useful when your pain is worse and during times when back pain is less bothersome, but still there. Using acupressure more regularly may lead to better results. Press these points several times a day when your back is hurting and see if you find relief.

Practice often for relief of pain

This video reviews seven acupressure point locations that are meant to help you manage your low back pain. Your hands will become more sensitive as you practice acupressure, which allows you to notice as the tightness in your back muscles relax.

After you view the video, the handout can be a good reminder of the point locations so that you can easily repeat this acupressure routine when you need some relief. Acupressure Low Back Pain Self-Care Handout.

Join Licensed Acupuncturist Stephanie Gregory from the Portland VA Medical Center in a self-care acupressure session for low back pain. This acupressure routine is not intended to replace your usual medical care. However, this self-care skill can be taken with you anywhere and may be useful to reduce your symptoms.

With all of that gardening you will be doing; you may want to learn more about how to use fruits and vegetables to improve your diet. Check out this handout, “How to eat a Mediterranean Diet,” to see if this is right for you.


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